Recreation and Wellness Center

While the website is designed to provide as much information as possible, below are some questions guests frequently ask. If you have a question and can't find the answer, feel free to contact us.

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Why can't I wear jeans or cargo pants at the RWC?

You can wear this type of clothing inside the RWC just not on the Fitness floor. Rough material such as denim, zippers, buttons, Velcro and rivets can be damaging to upholstery and due to heavy usage rates we try to minimize wear and tear on equipment as much as possible.

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Do I have to register my biometric information?

The biometric readers were put in place for added security as well as ease for guests to enter the RWC. Individuals do not have to register their biometrics, but everyone who wants to enter the RWC must have a valid picture ID.

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If my lock gets cut, what happens to my belongings?

All items in the locker are placed in an individual bag and stored for 2 months. Students and members can reclaim their personal belongings by coming into the administrative office during business hours. If the bags with the items are not claimed within the two months, they are donated to local charities.


Who made this turf and what's this stuff made out of?

The green grass blades are made out of a polyethylene fiber which is "infilled" with a 70% rubber and 30% sand mixture. The entire turf system is manufactured by Sportexe, which currently has fields at M & T Bank Stadium (Home of the Baltimore Ravens) and the Louisiana Superdome (Home of the New Orleans Saints). You'll be playing on the same exact surface as NFL teams as well as several college stadiums.


How do I join a team?

There are several ways to join a team. If you have friends that want to play the same sport, you should select a captain and register on the IM Website. Most student organizations, Greek letter organizations, or leadership groups will form teams for sports as well. If you don't have enough players to join a team, you can sign up as a free agent. If you attend one of our free agent meetings, we'll attempt to form teams there. You can also advertise yourself on our free agent message board to prospective teams that are looking for players.


What does it cost to play?

There is no cost to play most intramural sports as we are funded by the Activity and Service Fee through SGA. The only event where there is a fee is our golf tournaments. This is because of the high cost of golf compared to other activities. We are however able to negotiate rates and supplement the costs to ensure most tournaments only cost between $5 and $15 per person.


Are you hiring?

Yes! We hire three times a year, prior to our fall, "winter", and summer sports. Check the "Refs" page link at the top and apply, and we'll contact you with upcoming training clinic times. No experience is necessary, and while we're always hiring we do have limit positions available for some sports.


When are practices for IM's?

That's the beauty of Intramural Sports. It's up to you! The RWC and RWC Park have open rec teams that teams can take advantage of to practice. The highly competitive teams in most sports will practice, but the majority of teams play for fun and don't practice very often once the season starts.

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How many elements do the high and low ropes courses consist of?

There are ten (10) different high ropes elements and depending on group size it will take between 2 to 3 hours to complete it plus the time needed on the ground to practice the experience and gear up.

There are also twelve (12) different low ropes elements and hundreds of props and portable equipment to tailor any kind of activity based on group needs and goals.

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How large is the high ropes course?

The course is 350 feet long, 48 feet high, 40 feet wide and it was one of the first of its kind built in Florida.

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What types of programs can a group do?

We design your program based on group needs and goals. Also, depending on group size and expectations, we offer a wide range of programs from 2 to 9 hours long in the following four formats:

  • Low Elements: No climbing involved - 2 to 7 hour long programs
  • High Elements : 25 to 40 feet high - 4 to 5 hour long programs
  • Full Day - Low & Highs Elements - 7 to 9 hour long programs

Open Knight Climbs: These recreational events are free for UCF students and are scheduled twice each semester.

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Can non-UCF students or professional groups make a program reservation and participate at the challenge course program?

The UCF Challenge Course is open to UCF students, faculty, staff, the Orlando community, and general public groups.


What if I can't attend the pre-trip meeting?

If you cannot attend the meeting, you must call the OA Trips Lead in order to receive all the necessary information and schedule a time when you can come in and fill out the necessary paperwork.

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Do you have to know how to climb to use the Tower?

Not at all. Our student employees are passionate about climbing and are there to help individuals just starting out. We welcome all levels at the Tower and have challenges for all climbing abilities.

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Can I belay my friends?

Yes, once you become belay certified by UCF. Without this certification, our policy is to have the staff belay students. Belay certifications can be obtained one of two ways: 1) Going through one of our classes and passing the written and skills portion of the instruction or 2) Testing out on the spot, if you have belay experience.

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What is bouldering?

Bouldering is a type of climbing that does not require harnessing up or tying in to a top-rope. The climbing industry standard for bouldering height is twelve feet high. Bouldering can be dangerous, especially if it is not practiced safely. Boulderers should use crash pads, have spotters, and should not climb too high.

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Why can't we use our own belay devices?

Personal hardware such as belay devices are not permitted because of the risk involved. The belay devices used at our tower are inspected on a consistent basis and logged for records. Shoes, chalk bags, and approved harnesses are permitted.

Assumption of Risk Statement

Participation in Recreation and Wellness Center programs is completely voluntary. Individuals participate at their own risk and assume responsibility for their own health and safety. The University of Central Florida and the Recreation and Wellness Center are not liable for injuries sustained during participation in a Recreation and Wellness Center sponsored activity. It is strongly recommended that all participants consult a physician and/or have a physical exam prior to participation. The University of Central Florida does not provide personal accident/health insurance. Therefore, participants are urged to secure their own insurance. You may suffer physical and/or mental injury from participating in these activities.