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Intramural Sports

If you are looking to make a reservation for a special event please go to the Recreation and Wellness Center page and fill out the reservation form. Please note any request for the softball fields should be made at least seven (7) business days in advance, while any request for the Turf field should be made two (2) business days in advance. For the list of teams already approved for requested practice times and availability please go to the practice schedule.

Personal Information

All fields are required. Forms with missing, incomplete, or inaccurate information will not be accepted.

Day and Time Preference

Before selecting a practice time preference, please verify that your selection is within Freeplay/Open Rec hours.

Please indicate your preferred practice day and time below. Please remember time you select is your preference. Spots will be filled on first-come-first-served basis.

Terms and Conditions

Please double-check before you hit submit. If you do not receive a confirmation screen after hitting submit, or receive any other errors, please contact us.

I agree that I have read and agree to the RWC Park policies and procedures. I agree that I will inform each of my teammates of the inherent risks in participating in recreational sports as described in the Captain's Guide. I also understand the practice request is not a guarantee for a practice.