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Intramural Sports

All players who have been ejected are suspended indefinitely from all Intramural Sports (IM). Suspensions will not begin until an individual has had a reinstatement meeting. Players may seek reinstatement by meeting with the IM Coordinator, which is done by appointment only. A player's reinstatement date will be determined by the Assistant Director, based on the report of the incident and the Sportsmanship and Conduct Guidelines established in the Team Captain's Guide. Misconduct at IM events is also subject to referral to the Office of Student Conduct (when warranted).

NOTE: Any player ejected from a game is ineligible for the All-University Tournament. If there is a second incident of player ejection from the same team, the team is ineligible for the Tournament.

Personal Information

Please use this form to set up an ejection reinstatement meeting with the Assistant Director of IM. You will be e-mailed within 48 hours with options for an appointment time.

IM Sports Information

For Availability: List the best times and days that you are available over the next week. You will be contacted with available options to confirm an appointment.