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Intramural Sports

Most rule books are based on national governing bodies (NFHS, FIFA, ASA, NIRSA, etc.) with modifications for the UCF Intramural Sports program. Any situation not specifically discussed in rules are at the discretion of the staff of the Intramural Sports program. All rules books linked to the right are in Adobe PDF format.

Team Captain's Guide

The Team Captain's Guide, or handbook, is designed to serve as an informative and procedural reference for persons involved or interested in the organization of an intramural sports team. The Intramural Sports program urges players and officials to become familiar with the information contained in this handbook and to consult it when the need arises. Team Captains are required to disseminate all information contained within this guide to all members of their team.

A captain is the individual that registers themselves or who organizes an intramural team and registers it to be placed in a league. The role of team captain is not transferable; however duties may be delegated to the assistant captain as indicated on the registration form. The team captain shall make all decisions on participation for their team.