Recreation and Wellness Center

The RWC Assessment Program is designed to offer easily accessible, FREE fitness assessments to the UCF student body and members of the Recreation and Wellness Center.

Assessments are available at the RWC as well as the new RWC @ UCF Downtown. Assessment options vary at each location.

The RWC assessment office is located on the first floor, adjacent to Basketball Court #1. At the RWC @ Downtown, the office is located past the lockers on the west side of the facility.

You can fill out the form below to schedule a comprehensive assessment, or simply visit our open hours listed below

Please contact Stacey Embry at for more information about any of our fitness assessment services.

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Open Walk-in hours for Fall 2019 are:

Monday 11am-1pm
Tuesday 2pm - 4pm
Wednesday 11am-1pm
Thursday 2pm - 4pm

RWC @ Downtown
Monday: 12pm - 3pm
Tuesday: No Assessments Available
Wednesday: 12pm - 3pm
Thursday: 9am - 12pm

During open hours, patrons can visit the RWC for basic anthropometric measurements which include the following tests: height and weight, blood pressure, skinfold body composition (3 or 7 site), or bioelectrical impedance. Please note that body composition measurements must be taken prior to your workout.
This is also a perfect opportunity to meet a Personal Trainer and get some basic questions answered.


We're pleased to offer comprehensive fitness assessments at both the RWC and RWC @ Downtown. Before beginning an exercise program, a Comprehensive Fitness Assessment will be conducted to provide a baseline of your current fitness level. The results of these tests, along with the development of personal fitness goals, will help us design a safe, effective and individualized fitness program for you.

Available at the RWC @ Downtown, the MicroFit® fitness Profile includes tests to determine resting heart rate, blood pressure, body composition, aerobic capacity, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and power.

Additionally, the following is also offered at RWC @ Downtown during a comprehensive assessment appointment:

Bioelectrical Impedance

Body Composition Analyzer
The New Standard in Body Composition Analysis -the BC380 is a multi-frequency, whole body segmental Body Composition Analyzer. Accuniq BC380 delivers clinically accurate body composition results in less than 1 minute.

Body composition analysis
It shows the measurement results and normal range of body water, protein, minerals and body fat that make up our body.

Skeletal muscle / fat analysis
You can see the ratio of skeletal muscle and body fat that contribute to the body weight, by displaying the weight, skeletal muscle mass, and body fat mass graphically.

Obesity analysis
It shows the graphs of body mass index and body fat percentage, which are important items in the evaluation of obesity.

Abdominal obesity analysis
The fat of the human body consists of subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. Evaluate various items about visceral fat that are closely related to adult diseases.

Segmental Lean and Fat Analysis
Displays the results of muscle and fat measurement (based on current weight) as a radical shaped graph. There are five measurement points, left and right arm, left and right leg, plus trunk


Assumption of Risk Statement

Participation in Recreation and Wellness Center programs is completely voluntary. Individuals participate at their own risk and assume responsibility for their own health and safety. The University of Central Florida and the Recreation and Wellness Center are not liable for injuries sustained during participation in a Recreation and Wellness Center sponsored activity. It is strongly recommended that all participants consult a physician and/or have a physical exam prior to participation. The University of Central Florida does not provide personal accident/health insurance. Therefore, participants are urged to secure their own insurance. You may suffer physical and/or mental injury from participating in these activities.