Recreation and Wellness Center

Personal Training is available to all students and faculty at UCF. Sessions are 60 minutes long and the initial consultation is FREE. All of our trainers are certified by the following organizations: ACE, AFAA, NASM, NSCA, CSCS and ACSM.

Personal Training can define your fitness goals, teach you new exercises, increase muscular strength, endurance and/or flexibility, provide functional training opportunities, motivate you to achieve your goals, and equip you with tools to support your healthy lifestyle.

To get started with Personal Training, fill out the online Personal Training Registration Form (below). A Personal Trainer will contact you to schedule a session.

Personal Training Rates
Student Rates
$20 per session
$80 for 5 sessions

RWC Member Rates
$30 per session
$125 for 5 sessions

Buddy Sessions
$30 per buddy session
($15 per person)

*interested in achieving your fitness goals in smaller groups at a more affordable rate? Check out the Small Group Training link below!

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Doug Davey

Certifications: NASM-CPT, Mad Dogg Spinning, American Red Cross CPR/First Aid

Education: Pursuing his B.S. in Sport and Exercise Science, plans to pursue a career in physical therapy

Interests: Teaching spin, training clients, power lifting, inline speed skating

Specialties: Improving lean body mass and muscle tone, sport-specific exercise, TRX suspension training

Philosophy: Success comes with lifestyle changes and dedication, there is no quick fix.

Kelsey Donaho

Certifications: NSCA-CPT, American Red Cross CPR/First Aid

Education: University of Central Florida Sport and Exercise Science program with a focus on strength and conditioning

Interests: skateboarding, skydiving, music, exercise, motorcycles, technology

Specialties: Sport Specific training

Philosophy: Hard Work. Amen

Chris Fanfan

Certifications: AFAA/CPR/First Aid

Education: Currently seeking Masters of Science in Health Services Administration, B.S. in Health Services Administration from UCF

Interests: Football, basketball, officiating basketball and hitting the golf range

Specialties: Sports performance and full body improvement

Philosophy: Faith without work is dead!

Kayl Karadjian

Certifications: NFPT certified personal trainer, American Red Cross CPR/AED and First Aid

Education: Seeking a B.S. in Sports and Exercise Science

Interests: Video games, sports, Sci-Fi, reading, and movies.

Specialties: Strength and hypertrophy training

Philosophy: Hard work and determination are the keys to success.

Chris Parrott

Certifications: American College of Sports Medicine- CPT, American Red Cross- CPR/AED/First Aid

Education: Pursuing a B.S in Sport and Exercise Science, planning to pursue a Doctorate in Physical Therapy

Interests: ALL sports, movies, cooking.

Specialties: Fat Loss, Circuit Training, Strength Training.

Philosophy: “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breath, that’s when you’ll be successful” -Eric Thomas

Janeen Reiter

Certifications: NASM, CPR/AED, and first aid

Education: Seeking Bachelor of Science in Sport and Exercise Science

Interests: Fitness, Reading, Gardening

Specialties: Cardio, Circuit training, HIIT training, Strength training

Philosophy: Nothing is ever a failure, it is always a lesson. Don't let the fear of making a mistake keep you from taking chances. Fitness will challenge you but it is a fun ride and the rewards are beyond compare!

Alex Trujillo

Certifications: ACSM- CPT American Red Cross First Aid and CPR/AED

Education: Pursuing a B.S. in sport and exercise Science

Interests: Everything fitness, Wrestling/ MMA

Specialties: Functional movement and Athletic development

Katie Valley

Certifications: AFAA PT, ACE Group Exercise, American Red Cross CPR/AED and First Aid

Education: Seeking a B.S. in Pre-Clinical Health Sciences

Interests: Running, eating, sleeping, and happy and healthy living

Specialties: Sport-specific training, kickboxing, and making chocolate chip cookies

Philosophy: "You can't escape the biological laws of cause and effect."

Keith Washington

Certifications: NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist(CSCS), American Red Cross CPR/AED and First Aid

Education: Seeking his Master of Science in Sport and Exercise Science with a concentration in applied exercise physiology and sport nutrition, B.S. in Sports and Exercise Science from UCF

Interests: Many types of sports, exercise science, travel, great food!!

Specialties: KICKING ATHLETIC BUTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Philosophy: Instead of waiting for the storm to pass, learn how to dance in the rain!! Yeah, the workouts are tough, but my "athletes" are tougher.....and that humbles me. Fitness is like construction: Building a shack requires a small foundation. Building a house requires a thicker foundation. Building an apartment building requires a large foundation. Together we can build the Taj Majal.....imagine THAT foundation!! "FULL BODY STRONG, BABY!"

Assumption of Risk Statement

Participation in Recreation and Wellness Center programs is completely voluntary. Individuals participate at their own risk and assume responsibility for their own health and safety. The University of Central Florida and the Recreation and Wellness Center are not liable for injuries sustained during participation in a Recreation and Wellness Center sponsored activity. It is strongly recommended that all participants consult a physician and/or have a physical exam prior to participation. The University of Central Florida does not provide personal accident/health insurance. Therefore, participants are urged to secure their own insurance. You may suffer physical and/or mental injury from participating in these activities.