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Sport Clubs Council

The Sports Club Council (SCC) was created through a Resolution of the 35th Student Senate in the Spring Semester of 2003. The SCC was created as an agency of the Student Government Association (SGA) to provide funding, training, facilities, and other administrative services to all eligible sport clubs that are members of the agency. Following the creation of the SCC as an agency, the Recreation and Wellness Center (RWC) partnered with the SCC under the programs department of the RWC. The RWC Associate Director of Programs also serves as the program advisor to the SCC. Although the Sport Club Council's budget is requested directly from the Activity and Service Fee Committee (much like the RWC), the RWC provides facilities, administrative support, and the Sport Club Coordinator.

The University of Central Florida (UCF) Sport Club Program is an agency of the UCF Student Government Association (SGA) and is advised by the Sport Club Staff at the UCF Recreation & Wellness Center (RWC). Each sport club is a Registered Student Organization (RSO) with the Office of Student Involvement (OSI). The Sport Club program at UCF exists to provide students opportunities to promote and develop interest in particular sports activities that are predominantly physical in nature and understanding, supports healthy lifestyles and is in alignment with the RWC's mission and values. Interests may be competitive, recreational, instructional or any combination of the three. The Sport Club staff of the RWC believes that involvement in the Sport Club Program enhances development, leadership, and the overall college experience for students by supplementing skills learned in the educational realm. It is the mission of the program to provide diverse sports opportunities for all students across a broad range of skill levels and experiences.

Significant Accomplishments by SCC Members

  • 2004 - NCWA National Champions - Wrestling Club
  • 2005 - NCWA National Champions - Wrestling Club
  • 2009 - CCS National Champions - Rock Climbing Club
  • 2009 - NSSA Surfing National Champion - Amy Nicholl, Surf Club
  • 2010 - CCS National Champions - Rock Climbing Club
  • 2010 - NCWA National Champions - Wrestling Club
  • 2011 - CCS National Champions - Rock Climbing Club
  • 2012 - NSSA Surfing National Champion - Amy Nicholl, Surf Club
  • 2013 - USA Rugby D-1AA National Champions - Rugby Club
  • 2014 - NCPA National Champions- Paintball Club
  • 2014 - USA Rugby D-1AA National Champions- Rugby Club
  • 2014 - College Cable National Champions - Wakeboarding Club
  • 2016 - NCWA Duals National Champions - Wrestling Club