Building Manager

Primary Function

Manage all aspects of the Recreation and Wellness Center operations during open hours. Supervise on-duty student associates and all activities in the Recreation and Wellness Center.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Represent the professional staff in their absence and in so doing, operate with the full authority of a full time staff member or the Lead Building Manager.
  • Become familiar enough with all areas in the facility to be able to fill any position if needed.
  • Complete visual inspections of facilities and equipment and reporting procedures.
  • Take immediate corrective action when appropriate.
  • Regulate the posting of materials in hall, bulletin board, etc.
  • Make continuous safety audits of facility, equipment and personnel.
  • Remain alert to building security including offices, unlocked doors, computer hardware, weight rooms, pool, and other high risk areas as well as perimeter security including mechanical rooms, gates, etc.
  • Give special attention to needs such as interior/exterior lighting problems, dressing rooms and lockers, emergency exits/stairwells, plumbing and or electrical problems.
  • Submit a Building Manager Report with hourly counts after each shift. Execute opening and closing procedures for the facility, including but not limited to reporting any security, maintenance or Physical Plant issues to the proper office.
  • Execute emergency procedures when necessary.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.


  • An understanding of the mission and objectives of the UCF Recreation and Wellness Center.
  • Current American Red Cross CPR and First Aid certifications or must obtain within thirty days of employment and familiarity with emergency procedures.
  • Effective communication skills and excellent customer service skills.
  • Awareness of the guests’ needs.
  • Willingness to maintain a clean and safe work environment.


  • Experience in a leadership role.
  • Work experience in a fitness facility, recreation center, or related facility.

Education, Training, and Experience

  • Must understand the mission and objectives of the Recreation and Wellness Center.
  • Must possess effective communication skills.
  • Must have good customer service skills.
  • Must be aware of the student and member needs.
  • Must be willing to maintain a clean and safe work environment.

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