Sport Club Supervisor

Primary Function

The Sport Club Supervisor provides direction and support for club officers and members by serving as a liaison between sport clubs and the Sport Club Coordinator. They will be responsible for supervising and managing games/events as well as maintaining regular communication with club officers. Manages critical incidents as necessary and performs special duties as assigned. Sport Club Supervisors should have flexible evening and weekend hours.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Ensure that all policies and procedures for the University of Central Florida and Recreation and Wellness Center enforced.
  • Assist sport clubs with event planning which includes:
  • Reserving facilities & necessary equipment.
  • Communicating with facility staff.
  • Ensuring all parties involve are aware of policies & procedures.
  • Oversee sport club events which include:
    • Field and site setup/cleanup.
    • Hospitality management for visiting teams.
    • Player/fan check-in and control.
  • Assist athletic trainer with injuries.
  • Hold weekly office hours.
  • Maintain contact with clubs to ensure successful event management.
  • Process and manage travel paperwork for assigned clubs.
  • Assigned specialization in area of interest (i.e. marketing, technology, etc.).
  • Serve as a liaison between clubs and Coordinator and aid in paperwork administration.
  • Educate officers on policies and procedures.
  • Providing supervision and executing emergency procedures when necessary.
  • Adhere to risk management guidelines.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Sport Club Coordinator.
  • Attend monthly Sport Club Council Meetings.


  • Current American Red Cross CPR and First Aid certifications or must obtain within thirty days of employment and familiarity with emergency procedures.
  • Possess effective communication skills and organizational skills.
  • Experience in providing positive customer service.
  • Awareness of the student and sport club needs.
  • Obtain and maintain American Red Cross CPR, AED and First Aid certifications.
  • Continued participation in appropriate in-service and training sessions.
  • Supervisory experience is preferred.
  • Awareness of safety concerns and risk management.

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