Tennis Courts

In Phase II of our reopening plan, the RWC will make available several outdoor recreation facilities as well as the continuation of the reopening of the RWC with reservations.

In Phase II the Tennis Courts will feature use of nine (9) tennis courts which are located next to the Leisure Pool and are open during adjust hours which you can see on the right.  Enrolled UCF students will check-in at the member services window located near the entrance to Leisure pool. In Phase II enrolled UCF students can have up to four people on any one court at a time. When playing doubles Tennis we recommend players stay on one side of the court.

The RWC will continue to remain flexible due to local health conditions in our reopening plans and may alter at any time based on the guidance provided by UCF as well as state and local health officials. COVID emergency response may be limited and that for potential life sustaining injuries priority will be given to calling 911.

In later phases of reopening the tennis courts will look to resume hosting the College of Education classes, intramural tennis ladder, sport club practices and practices with the UCF tennis team. The United States Tennis Association  (USTA) partners with the RWC throughout the year to help support programs and services.Those phases will allow for adjusted operations of indoor facilities in accordance with UCF’s fall reopening plans.

  • Facilities available 
    • Tennis Courts 1 – 9 
    • Restrooms 
    • Touch free water bottle stations
  • Facilities / services unavailable 
    • Sand Volleyball Courts 
    • No water fountains  
  • Please review our adjusted Tennis Court Policies before using our facility.

UCF RWC Tennis Complex (showing UCF logo and blue courts)

UCF RWC Tennis Complex (showing UCF logo and blue courts)

UCF RWC Tennis Complex (showing UCF logo and blue courts)

UCF RWC Tennis Complex (showing UCF logo and blue courts)

No reservations at this time

Phone Summer A Hours
May 17 – June 26
Mon – Fri: 8am – 10pm
Sat & Sun: 10am – 10pm
Phone 407-823-2408
Fax 407-823-5446

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Yes. There will be no equipment available for check out in the Tennis Complex.  You are encouraged to bring your own equipment as long as it is in compliance with RWC policies. Shared equipment with others you are playing with should only be done with individuals you arrived with, such as roommates or individuals who you have been isolating with. 

Yes. You must show the RWC Member Services Attendant your valid UCF student ID before you will be allowed to enter the complex. 

No. We are only offering open recreation during the times listed above on courts 1-9.  The sand volleyball courts will remain closed at this time. 

No.  We encourage you to bring your own equipment to limit sharing of equipment between participants 

Yes.  Due to CDC recommendations on the risks with shared water fountains, only the bottle filling stations will be available. Please bring your own water or beverage in a sealed container. 

No. With limited capacity only current RWC members will be allowed to utilize the facility. 

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