Functional Training Area

At the RWC, we are so excited to be upgrading and modernizing our spaces and offerings. Our new fitness flooring will give the RWC a new look and feel, serve as multi-purpose surface, and provides significant health and cleanliness benefits. With new flooring being installed, we have the opportunity to give UCF students a state-of-the-art functional training space! Functional training is a key component of contemporary recreation centers. Whether it’s flipping tires, doing body-weight cardio, or even stretching, the functional training space will have something for everyone.

Our new Functional Training Area offers a 19ft x 50ft turf space

Escape Fitness is a highly recognized brand in the Fitness industry due to their innovative solutions for storage, and their modern design. They offer quality equipment which will last us 10+ years. ESCAPE Fitness designed a 3-bay rig system for the Functional Training Area which holds equipment like: Dumbbells, kettlebells, core bags, sandbags, TRX straps, a punching bag, an integrated rope-pull system, and more. Separate from the stock frames, we will have tires (for tire flipping), boxes (for callisthenic work), and sleds (for cardio/strength training).

We currently have Escape Fitness Equipment at the RWC @Downtown Location, and students have had overwhelmingly positive feedback on it. We used this to fuel our decision. Additionally, we hosted student-focus groups with SGA representation, RWC employee representation, and regular RWC-user representation (Group exercise participants, personal training clients, and regular gym-goers). Most students shared that they would use a functional training space, and they recommended many of the equipment pieces we are integrating.

Location: The Functional Training Area is located on the second floor of the RWC near the terrace.

The stock frames and equipment will go on the left side of the turf where some of our temporary functional training equipment is currently being housed. The timeline for completion of the Functional Training Area is October 1, 2021. If you have any questions about RWC Fitness programs or services, please contact