Posted Saturday, May 16, 2020 @ 7:12 PM

Club shows that, even in the most difficult times, there are things to bring happiness

Author: Guilherme Hiray Leal


  The Esports Club at UCF defeated the University of North Texas at the TikTok Rocket League Cup on Wednesday, bringing another title to the Knights.

     “The moment definitely gave a feeling of relief,” said Sean Feeney, a senior computer science major in the College of Engineering and Computer Science.

     With 128 teams competing for the top prize of $3,000, Esports Club at UCF had to face multiple challenges since it was a single-elimination tournament. No second chances, it was either win or go (or stay) home.

     “Winning, of course, feels good,” said Alex Wasserman, also a senior computer science major, “but I mostly felt relief because of how long we had to stay focused.”     Feeney said the atmosphere was “great”, with announcers being connected with the Rocket League world, and the tournament being “best of five,” it gave a team a higher chance of conquering the trophy.

     The team, composed by Feeney, Wasserman, Santiago Prada, and Donald-Jan Schroder brought home the second title of the club in less than a week. Last Sunday, UCF won the U.S. Army Reload Collegiate CS:GO Invitational, which would be just the beginning of a victorious week. They would also finish second at the TikTok CS:GO Cup and forth at the PlayVS Season Zero College Fortnite Championship.

     Despite joining the UCF Sport Club family recently, the Esports Club at UCF shows potential and proves that they can (and will) bring more gold to the Black and Gold community.

     “I know that Esports at UCF will continue to grow especially with the number of students that are at UCF,” said Feeney. “It seems like every day I discover a new person online who goes to UCF and is a quality player at Rocket League or other games which just goes to show if we can continue to grow and gather more attention from all the students at UCF, we can continue to become better at all Esports. These next few years I expect the popularity and prestige of Esports at UCF to grow tremendously.”