RWC Sport Clubs Lead the Charge Against Hazing

Author: Aglaia Margaris '20 and '23

Posted Monday, October 11, 2021 @ 11:05 AM

During the 2021 National Hazing Prevention Week, UCF RWC Sport Clubs came together to lead the charge against hazing. With the support of the Sport Clubs Council, all 43 Sport Clubs were represented by hundreds of club officers and members alike. The clubs marched with hand-made anti-hazing signs from the UCF Reflection Pond to the Student Union where they took part in the anti-hazing pledge signing.

Courtney Smith, Recreation and Wellness Center Graduate Assistant and organizer of the Sport Clubs Anti-Hazing march, stated that seeing all the clubs come together shows how seriously they take hazing.

     “Spreading awareness is crucial in preventing hazing. It can occur within any group or organization, and the consequences are often tragic. I am proud that Sport Club leaders and members took the initiative to assert their stance on the issue”.

     While the march through campus was a sign of solidarity, over 540 sport club members that could not attend signed the anti-hazing pledge online.

      “Marching into the Student Union Atrium with all the other clubs felt like we were a part of something bigger. Risk management not only includes physical safety. We care about our members’ overall wellbeing, and hazing prevention is a big part of that”.

-Katie Slaten, UCF Table Tennis Club Risk Management Officer