RWC Openings, Reservations, and Safety Measures

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Hello Knights! In accordance with UCF’s Spring 2021 campus reopening plan, the RWC is providing several enhancements to our phased approach which includes several operational, cleaning, and safety changes. Our commitment to providing you safe facilities and programs continues to be our top priority.

In Phase 2.1 the RWC will continue to remain flexible due to local health conditions in our reopening plans and may alter at any time based on the guidance provided by UCF as well as state and local health officials. COVID emergency response may be limited and that for potential life-sustaining injuries priority will be given to calling 911.

We are excited to provide you with new and expanded opportunities for you to engage, build resiliency and enjoy RWC facilities again.

Note pad and check mark icons on a yellow background. What’s Open?

In Phase 2.1 of our reopening plan, the RWC, Climbing Tower, RWC @ Downtown, RWC @ Knights Plaza, RWC @ Ferrell Commons (RSO reservations only and limited capacity), and several outdoor recreation facilities will reopen for limited hours. Later phases of our plan will allow for adjusted operation of indoor facilities similar to our pre-COVID-19 environment in accordance with UCF’s reopening plans.

Facilities available in Phase 2.1 are listed below. Any updates to facility hours based on weather will be posted at the @UCFRWC Twitter account. There is a new and improved reservations system beginning March 1, 2021. Students are NOW able to book time slots to workout 5 days out. Please click on each facility for more details.

Recreation and Wellness Center

  • Reservations required. May be made between 24 hours and 1 hour in advance until February 28th. There is a new and improved reservations system beginning March 1, 2021. Students are able to book time slots to workout 5 days out by using this link.
  • Hours for spring 2021:
    • Monday – Friday:
      • 7am – 2pm
      • 2pm – 4pm: closed for cleaning
      • 4pm – 10pm
    • Saturday & Sunday: 
      • 10am – 2pm
      • 2pm – 4pm: closed for cleaning
      • 4pm – 10pm

RWC Lap Pool

  • No reservations required. We will have 10 open lanes (1 person per lane).
  • Hours for fall 2020:
    • Monday – Friday:
      • 7am – 2pm
      • 2pm – 4pm: closed for cleaning
      • 4pm – 7pm
    • Saturday & Sunday: 
      • 10am – 7pm
      • 2pm – 4pm: closed for cleaning
      • 4pm – 7pm

RWC @ Downtown:

  • Monday – Thursday 10am – 10pm
  • Friday: 12pm – 6pm
  • Saturday and Sunday: 3pm – 9pm

Climbing Tower:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 4pm – 8pm
  • Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday: Closed

RWC @ Knights Plaza:

  • Monday – Thurs: 10am – 10pm
  • Fri: 12pm – 6pm
  • Saturday and Sunday: 3pm – 9pm

William E. and Mary Jo Davis Recreation Area at Lake Claire

  • Monday – Friday, 12pm – 6pm 
  • Saturday and Sunday, 10am – 6pm 

RWC Park

  • Sunday – Thursday, 4pm – 10pm  
  • Friday, 4pm – 8pm 
  • Saturday, 10am- 2pm

Tennis Courts

  • Monday – Friday: 8am – 10pm
  • Saturday – Sunday: 10am- 10pm

Outdoor Basketball Courts

  • Daily: 4pm – 10pm

Outdoor Adventure Center 

  • Reservations required. May be made up to 1 hour in advance.
  • Hours for Fall 2020:
    • Monday, 12pm -4pm
    • Tuesday, 12pm -4pm
    • Wednesday, Closed
    • Thursday, 12pm – 4pm
    • Friday,12pm – 4pm
    • Saturday & Sunday, Closed

For a list of RWC facilities that remain closed and a list of in-person and online programs please visit the FAQ’s below.

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Calendar Icon Reservations, Check-in & Contact-Free Entry

Facility reservations are required to use the RWC main building, Lap Pool, and Climbing Tower (no reservations for RWC @ Downtown, and RWC @ Knights Plaza). Students must also show their COVID-19 self-checker “Cleared to be on Campus” email to workout. The COVID-19 Self Checker is available here or through the UCF Mobile App. Reservations can be made online through the Fusion member portal (, or by utilizing the RWC to Go (FusionGo) app. 

Reservations can be made 24 hours in advance and will be offered every 30 minutes. Each reservation will have 40 available spots. Beginning March 1, 2021. Students are able NOW to book time slots to workout 5 days out by using this link.

In the event a reservation needs to be canceled, students/members can log in to their accounts to complete this process. 

Access will be limited to 1 registration/day and for 1 hour. Only currently enrolled UCF students and individuals with a current RWC membership may access RWC facilities. Students may not bring a guest or purchase guest passes to our facilities at this time. If you make a reservation and decide you cannot make it for your workout please cancel your reservation to open up a spot for another Knight.

  • Reservations through RWC Website 
    • Go to
    • Use your NID/NID Password to login
    • Sign and submit the Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk Waiver
      • Users only have to do this once and it is good for one year
    • Click on the “Book RWC Time Slot” icon
      • For reservations starting March 1st and after: click on “Book RWC Time Slot (Reservations starting 3/1)” you can book slots five days out.
    • Select RWC Main facility
    • Select day and time
    • Register and Check out
    • To cancel a reservation online go to FAQs below

Make a reservation online:

  • Reservations through RWC to Go app
    • Download the app by searching “UCF Recreation and Wellness Center” in your favorite app store
    • Go to Program Reservation and select RWC Reservations
    • Sign the Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk Waiver (bottom banner on the app)
      • Users only have to do this once and it is good for one year
    • Click on the “Book RWC Time Slot” icon
    • Select RWC Main facility or Lap Pool
    • Select day and time
    • Register and Check out
    • To cancel a reservation through App go to the FAQs below

Making a reservation on the RWC to Go app

Check mark on phone icon Check-in

    • Signage at the RWC will indicate the flow of traffic for both entrance and exit
      • Main stairs enter on the left-hand side
      • Main stairs exit on the right-hand side
      • Back stairs patio (facing Leisure pool) is exit only
      • Students needing accommodations for accessibility purposes can use the front elevator (next to the stairs) and first door closest to the elevator to enter and exit
    • Students may not arrive any earlier than 10 minutes prior to a reservation
    • Reservations will be canceled 15 minutes after the reservation time
    • Follow floor markings to check-in at membership desk to confirm a reservation
    • Users must have their UCF/Member ID 
    • Starting August 31st, students must show their “Cleared to be on Campus” confirmation email after taking the COVID-19 Self Checker on the UCF Mobile App
    • Follow markings to enter gates and to go to the barcode scanners

Barcode icon Contact-free entry with Barcodes

    • To provide for contact-free entry, the RWC has installed barcode readers that can be used with the RWC to Go Mobile app
    • Users will need to present their UCF/Member ID or the barcode to gain access to the facility
    • You must have the app to get your unique barcode
    • The barcode is good for 30 seconds only and no screenshots are permitted
    • Go to the FAQs below to learn more out by downloading the app

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Face covering icons on yellow backgrounds. Prevention and Precautions

Face Coverings

The RWC will require face coverings at all indoor facilities at all times (RWC Main, RWC @ Knights Plaza, RWC @ Downtown, the Climbing Tower, and RWC @ Ferrell Commons).  They will also be required in outdoor facilities when physical distancing cannot be maintained or when checking-in with RWC staff. All RWC staff members will wear facial coverings at all times.

RWC staff and users are expected to follow the below guidelines for wearing face coverings:

  • Face coverings must fit snugly to the face and help prevent the spread of the virus. This means neck gaiters; open-chin triangle bandanas; and face coverings containing valves, mesh material or holes of any kind are not acceptable.
  • Masks are required in all indoor and outdoor spaces on campus, with very limited exceptions.
  • Face coverings do not need to be worn while actively eating or drinking, but you should be stationary and maintain appropriate physical distancing.

The new university policy outlining behavioral expectations for students is outlined here and developed to optimize safety. Check out this video about face coverings to learn more about the importance of wearing one and how to properly secure your face covering, or visit the UCF face-covering FAQs. 

Other Health & Safety Measures

    • The RWC will have a maximum capacity of 120 users and will require reservations in advance for timeslots throughout the day
    • The RWC @ Downtown and RWC @ Knights Plaza facilities will have a maximum capacity of 15 users (click on the hyperlinks to the left to see the current capacity).
    • Fitness equipment has been moved to provide for additional physical distancing, including the basketball courts.
    • All users should maintain at least six feet of physical distancing
    • All users must show proof of taking the COVID-19 Self Checker (available through the UCF Mobile App).
    • Users should follow good hygiene and wash hands regularly, avoid touching their face and disinfect any touched items
      • The RWC is providing additional hand sanitizer stations for users
      • Indoor fitness facilities will have additional gym wipes available for users
    • Please stay home if you are ill, feeling any symptoms or at increased risk
    • Important note: COVID emergency response may be limited and for potential life-sustaining injuries RWC staff, students, and users should prioritize the use of calling 911
    • For our updated COVID-19 and General, RWC policies go here

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Broom and Sanistizer bottle and bubbles icons on yellow background Cleaning

In order to provide the safest environment, the RWC is committed to extensive and elevated cleaning and disinfectant practices following University, CDC guidelines and industry best practices including using EPA registered disinfectants proven to eliminate COVID-19 on surfaces.  Sanitizing stations will be provided at all our indoor and outside facilities during operating hours as well as increasing frequency of custodial rounds to address high touch points. The RWC will close for cleaning daily during this phase of reopening.  To review our hours and cleaning times go to the top of the page.

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FAQ logo: Comment boxes icons FAQs

No. With limited capacity only current UCF Students and RWC members will be allowed to utilize the facility.  There no daily guest passes at this time. 

  • Online:
    • Go to and click Login in the top right.
    • Select UCF NID (in orange ) login
    • Sign the waiver and submit (waivers last one year)
  • RWC To Go Mobile App:
    • Install app from IOS or an ANDROID App Store
      • Search UCF Recreation and Wellness Center
    • Click "Waiver" banner at the bottom
    • When redirected through your browser click Login (top right)
    • Select UCF NID (in orange ) login
    • Sign the waiver and submit (waivers last one year)

Restricted Facility Access and Adjusted Programs: 

The following areas and programs will be restricted or adjusted during Phase 2.1 in the spring 2021 for open recreation use due to the challenges in maintaining physical distance between users, concerns with cleaning and sanitation during COVID, or due to repurposing the space for other needs. Staffed, pre-registered small format programs may take place in these spaces at RWC discretion. 

Restricted Facilities/Areas: 

  • RWC @ Ferrell Commons
  • Group Exercise Studios  
  • Indoor Multipurpose Courts  
  • 2nd floor Circuit area  
  • Challenge Course 
  • Leisure Pool 
  • Sand Volleyball Courts  
  • Yes. You must show your UCF/Member ID in order to check into your facility reservation.  ID’s and/or barcodes will also be required to access the facility.  In the event that RWC access management software isn’t working, UCF/Member ID’s along with class verification through webcourses will be required to access the facility. 

Yes. Reservations will be required to access the facility prior to arriving Reservations can be made 24 hours in advance and 30 spots will be available per time slot.  (see above for more information on how to register and check in for a time). 

Reservations are limited to 1 in order to serve others in the campus community. 


    • In order to avoid “no show” penalties, students/memberwill be required to cancel any reservations they are unable to attend.  Cancellations can be made up until a minute before the reservation starts. 
  • To cancel registration in App 
    • Select Program Registration
    • Go to RWC Reservations and Main Facility access
    • Select the day and time
    • Log in at using NID/NID password 
      • if you're logged in already you won't need NID info
    • Go to profile icon (upper right)
    • Select programs and then reservations
    • Go to my program reservations
    • Go to the ellipsis in the upper right (3 yellow dots)
    • Click and scroll to cancel registration
    • Select "Yes" and checkout

Cancel a reservation on RWC to Go app video

  • To cancel registration online: 
    • Log in at
    • Go to profile icon 
    • Select profile 
    • Select programs in the side view 
    • Click and scroll to cancel registration
    • Select and checkout 

Cancel a reservation online or at

Failure to cancel a registration will be documented and future no shows could result in disciplinary action, up to and including restriction from RWC facilities and programs. 


  • Group Exercise classes will be offered virtually on RWC+ and in outdoor spaces
  • Fitness Assessment Open Hours will not be available
  • Personal Training will be offered virtually and physically distanced at Knights Plaza 

Sport Clubs & Inclusive Rec 

  • Team sport practices, travel and competitions will be restricted. Individual or small group conditioning practices will be permitted with RWC approval. 
  • Some individual based sports will be permitted to train (Running, Cycling, etc) with RWC approval
  • Student Assisted Workout program will be offered virtually and physically distanced at Knights Plaza

Intramural Sports

  • Individual, dual and a variety of skills-based competitions will be offered (e.g. Tennis, Disc Golf, Bocce Ball, etc.) along with esports 

Outdoor Adventure  

  • Adventure trips, where transportation is provided, will not take place. 
  • On-campus (Arboretum, Lake Claire) natural guided activities will be offered 

Risk Management 

  • Athletic Training Clinic will not be available for walk-ins (by appointment only) 
  • CPR/First Aid Certifications will take place.  

Yes. You are encouraged to bring your own equipment as long as it is in compliance with RWC policies and spaces that are available Equipment will not be available for check out when the RWC reopens and students/members wishing to participate in racquetball, badminton or table tennis will need to bring their own racquets/balls.  In addition, users can bring weight belts, mats and other fitness equipment to use during their work out.   

No.  We encourage you to bring your own equipment to limit sharing of equipment between participants. 

Guests looking to make a purchase from Smoothie King can enter the RWC through the left hand side of the stairs (or outside elevator – then enter on the left hand side doors).  Once inside the lobby, on your left hand side there will be signs and a line to enter to access Smoothie King.  Guests can leave through the back stairs by the Administration Office, or on the left side of the lobby. 

Administration Office hours are Monday – Thursday 8am to 6pm and Friday 8am to 5pm.  Anyone wishing to visit the Administration Office can enter through the entrance at the bottom of the outside main stairs (or through the outside elevator and through the left-hand side doors).  Follow the markings on the ground past the membership desk and into the Administration Office. 

Yes.  The water fountains will be closed but users that bring their own water bottles can refill them at bottle stations located throughout the facility. 

  • The RWC to Go mobile app is available for IOS users through app store and also in most  ANDROID app stores.
  • Search "UCF Recreation and Wellness Center"
  • It will be listed under Health & Fitness

No.  During our initial reopening, only current members will have access to the RWC.  Please continue to follow us online and check out our website for updated information related to membership sales.  To be added to an interest list and contacted once memberships become available, please email    

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