Student Assisted Workout (S.A.W.)

SAW Program banner

The RWC partners with UCF students enrolled in the Doctorate in Physical Therapy program to provide FREE assisted workouts to students with physical or sensory impairments. All Student Assisted Workout Staff work in consultation with UCF Physical Therapy Faculty members.

The mission of the UCF Student Assisted Workout Program is to promote health and wellness through inclusive and individualized fitness programs.

Our goals:
  • Encourage lifelong physical activity
  • Promote independence
  • Enhance campus experience
  • Provide access to campus facilities & programs

Upon beginning the program, each student will receive individualized attention in achieving their fitness goals. The SAW program is free and the goal is for sessions to take place over a period of weeks to allow an individual to be comfortable with the RWC and it’s variety of accessible equipment.

  • Assistance using workout equipment
  • Personalized activity program
  • Guidance on safe & effective workout techniques

Please click on the link below and fill out the registration form. Within a few days of submission, you will be contacted to initiate a consultation appointment.

Meet Our SAW Trainers Here!