Free Agents

Free Agency is the best way to sign up for a sport if you aren’t able to form an entire team. Existing teams can also use Free Agency to find additional players.

Please read IM Captain’s guide prior to joining a team to make sure you understand all eligibility guidelines.

Register as a Free Agent @ IMLeagues

Option 1: Sign up as a Free Agent online

  • Go to IMLeagues and follow the login instructions. You’ll use the same NID login you use for webcourses.
  • Once logged on the IMLeagues website, select the desired sport and division you would like to participate in. You can be added to the roster for any sport prior to a team’s final regular season game.
  • Fill out the “Additional Information About Yourself” section. This will help the captain get to know you prior to them messaging or selecting you to participate on their team
  • Once you have been invited to join a roster, make contact with the captain and learn about upcoming games!

Option 2: Attend a pre-season Free Agent Meeting

  • Prior to most league sports, a meeting will be held at the RWC where Free Agents can be placed on a team by the IM staff.
  • View the events calendar on the right hand side for upcoming Free Agent Meetings
  • Contact us at, 407-823-2408 or visit us in RWC 204 between 10am and 5pm and we’ll help you join a team if you cannot attend a meeting or find one through IMLeagues




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