Intramural Sports Registration

There are several ways to get involved in Intramural Sports! If you’re new to our program, please read the information below.

All Intramural registration is done through IMLeagues. Click on the button below if you’re ready to sign up! IMLeagues requires UCF students to create an account. After being re-directed, use your UCFID credentials to log in.

Register for a Sport at IMLeagues

      Sign up as an individual

  • For all Intramural Sports individual leagues and tournaments (Tennis, Racquetball, etc.), visit the IMLeagues website and register prior to the sign-up deadline.
  • For individuals looking to join a team sport (Flag Football, Basketball, Soccer, etc.) visit the Free Agent section of our website for more information on how to form a team or be placed on one.

      Sign up a team

  • Do you have enough players to sign up a team for a league or one-day tournament? Visit the IMLeagues website and register your team prior to the sign-up deadline.
  • Registration for all events opens approximately three (3) weeks prior to the deadline. All entry deadlines are at 6pm on the listed date.  All team captains must attend a mandatory captains meeting.

Divisions of Play

For most Intramural Sports leagues, the following divisions are offered.

Division Description
Competitive (A&B) Division: Teams that are very organized and prefer to compete at the highest skill level, with both a focus on recreational opportunity as well as competitive results. Large team sports may divide teams in this division between A & B. “A” division teams are generally more experienced with skill throughout roster while “B” division teams are of a lesser caliber with similar goals.
Recreational Division: Teams that are playing for the recreational benefits, with winning and losing not a priority. Teams that are playing for fun with results being an added byproduct.
Open Division: Team roster has no gender restriction and may be composed of any number of participants from all gender identities.
Co-Rec Division: Team roster must consist of a specific number both male and female participants, with rules modifications and roster restrictions reflected in the rules of each sport.

Please see the IM Captain’s Guide for more information.