Challenge Course

The UCF Challenge Course program is committed to enhancing team-building, self-confidence, and leadership development through adventure-based learning experiences.

We design your program based on group needs and goals. Activities can be tailored to strengthen:

  • Group cohesiveness
  • Communication
  • Trust
  • Group processing
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Individual members’ self-awareness and confidence level

The Challenge Course is open by reservation or special event only. To request a reservation, please complete our Reservation Request Form. Before requesting a reservation, we suggest that all groups review our Challenge Course Policies.

To learn more about program pricing, please review our Challenge Course Fees document.

No climbing involved—1 to 3 hour-long programs.
Bring the Challenge Course to you! Our Facilitators will come to your location on UCF's Main Campus or RWC@Downtwon to lead your group through a series of games and activities that will challenge them to work together toward a common goal. This option includes a variety of portable activities and initiatives to enhance the learning environment through hands-on, experiential activities.

Unfortunately, we do not offer portable programs outside of UCF's Main Campus or RWC@Downtown at this time. Keep checking back!

To learn more about program pricing, please review our Challenge Course Fees document. Portable Programs are charged the same as the Half Day Low Element program.

No climbing involved—2 to 7 hour-long programs.
Our Low Element program takes groups through a series of games, activities, and ground-based physical elements that will challenge them to work together toward a common goal. Facilitators will guide the group through this process, offering additional challenges when needed and adapting the environment to be the most impactful for all group members. Facilitators will also process all activities with the group to ensure that experiential learning is taking place and transferable skills are gained.

This program focuses on the group as a whole by presenting problem–solving scenarios that require and develop teamwork, trust, leadership, and communication skills. The group finds success through working together and depending upon the member’s strengths.

To learn more about program pricing, please review our Challenge Course Fees document.

25 to 40 feet high—4 to 5 hour-long programs.

Groups will work through our High Element Course, the Odyssey III. Depending on group size and program duration, groups may do one level or both levels of the course. Only the top level of the course leads to our ziplines!

The Odyssey III focuses on individual and small group achievements by providing the opportunity to push oneself both physically and mentally through controlled risk-taking situations. The group is also challenged to provide support and encouragement in order to create the type of environment that will assist individuals in accomplishing their goals.

Check out an overview of our High Element Program here (note: some elements have changed since this video was produced).

To learn more about program pricing, please review our Challenge Course Fees document.

6 to 9 hour-long program

This is the ultimate program if you are looking for a complete team-building experience combining the benefits of low and high elements programs. Full Day Programs start with teambuilding (check out the Low Element Program for more details) before moving the group through Ground School and then the Odyssey III High Element course. We suggest that groups plan enough time to take an extended break and eat lunch - we can provide recommendations for local catering if needed!

This is a great option if you are looking to provide intensive growth and development for your groups, such as a leadership retreat or corporate development day.

To learn more about program pricing, please review our Challenge Course Fees document.

These recreational events are free for UCF students and are scheduled each semester. Open Knight Climb is an opportunity for current UCF students to experience the high element ropes course, the Odyssey III, but at night! The course opens at 7:00pm, and we will stop accepting guests by 9:00pm.  Students must show a valid UCF ID, and are encouraged to register ahead of time. Walk-ins are accepted.

To learn more about Open Knight Climbs, review what to bring/wear, or need parking/walking directions, check out our overview here: Open Knight Climb Overview

To reserve your spot, please click here.


Our facilitators plan and develop activities to create opportunities for team and individual learning in a secure and challenging environment. Through meaningful debriefing and discussion times we try to transfer back these learning experiences to the personal, professional, and academic lives of participants.

Our Challenge Course programs are based on Experiential Education principles. Experiential Education is a learning process that places participants in a unique setting with purposeful problem–solving activities that require full engagement. Through synthesis and reflection, participants examine preexisting behaviors in a new light and explore new found skills and strengths.