Athletic Training

Athletic Training Clinic

Athletic Training is the prevention, evaluation, treatment, management, and rehabilitation of athletic-related injuries and illnesses by a BOC (Board of Certification) certified health care professional. The Recreation and Wellness Center offers free athletic training services to students. 

An athletic trainer is directly responsible for all phases of healthcare in an athletic environment. It includes prevention, first aid, injury evaluation, and management of athletic injuries. RWC athletic trainers can also design and supervise a short-term rehabilitation program that can facilitate safe and expeditious return-to-play (or return-to-learn) for an athlete. 

If you need emergency medical assistance or care, please dial 9-1-1. 


June 13th – July 24th, 2024

Tuesday: 1pm – 6pm

Wednesday: 3pm – 6pm

Friday: 1pm – 6pm 

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Referrals for Injuries

If a Certified Athletic Trainer advises a participant to see a physician based on their injury, the participant will not be allowed to return to activity until they have provided written clearance from a physician.

The athletic training staff refers students with certain injuries to many partners in the community. For more information click on the links below.