4th of July Closure

All RWC faciltiies will be closed on July 4th in observance of Independance Day

Thor Guard

The RWC has installed a lightning prediction system called Thor Guard. The system, when lightning is predicted, activates a series of horns and strobe lights to warn those working outside to seek shelter immediately.

The system will be used for the RWC aquatic facilities (leisure pools), tennis courts, volleyball courts, recreational fields, and the Challenge Course. The staff has been given instruction on the system for when to instruct users to evacuate the areas and when the areas are safe.

One long horn blast along with a continuous flashing strobe light will activate when the system predicts lightning. Three, five second horn blasts are activated when the areas are safe.

The system is active all week from 10:00am to midnight.

Link to real time Thor Guard Status

(Click on mobile or ThorTV for desktop)