Outdoor Basketball Court Lights Out of Order

The Outdoor Basketball Courts lights are not working at this time. We are in the process of fixing the problem and will alert you when they are on and outdoor basketball play at night can resume. Sorry for the inconvenience. ~RWC Staff


The RWC has recreational facilities available for Registered Student Organizations (RSO) to reserve for special events. These facilities include Lake Claire, RWC Park, Sand Volleyball Courts, and the Leisure Pool. Facilities are free to use for RSOs on a first-come-first-serve basis within normal operating hours when no eextra staff is required. Some facilities may be available for UCF Departmental or non-UCF affiliated use during certain times with minimal impact to student usage. For complete information about RWC Reservations, please review the RWC Reservations Policies.

This page has been specifically designed to assist you with reserving facilities and planning events at the RWC. The links below contain all the information needed to reserve a facility and help you in your event planning process.

RWC Reservation and Event Policies

RWC Reservation Rates

RWC Facility Maps