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The Outdoor Basketball Courts lights are not working at this time. We are in the process of fixing the problem and will alert you when they are on and outdoor basketball play at night can resume. Sorry for the inconvenience. ~RWC Staff

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Sport Clubs are student-run, student-led organizations made up of like-minded Knights who like the thrill of competition and want to represent the UCF community. There are 44 different club teams for you to choose from. Whether it’s Judo, Lacrosse, Ultimate Frisbee, Soccer, or Gaming there is a club for every Knight.

Many of the Sport Clubs travel to compete against other universities. Perhaps the biggest benefit of joining a club team is the life-long relationships club members build. Involvement in the Sport Clubs Program gives students a co-curricular opportunity to enhance vital transferable skills in team development, and leadership.

Sport Clubs have won more than 30 team or individual nationals championships since 2004. Club teams are recreational, instructional, and competitive. If you are new to the sport, no problem at all.

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MLK Day of Service 2020

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Author: Guilherme Leal

Learning how to ride a bike, kicking Tae Kwon Do paddles, and being introduced to Rock Climbing were just some of the activities the Sport Clubs provided kids during their 2nd annual MLK Day of Service at the Academic Center of Excellence.

With the support of the Sport Club Council and Volunteer UCF, the second edition of the event was more than just a field trip. Clubs brought their equipment and showed excitement throughout the whole day presenting their sports to community members and students alike.

As the kids started to co