Sports Officiating

UCF prides itself on having one of the preeminent sports officiating development programs in the country and we’re always looking for motivated students with a passion for sports to join our team. Please read the information below to see some of the past accomplishments of our IM Sports Officials.

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Why Officiate Sports?

Because without officials, there wouldn’t be Intramurals. Officials are responsible for ensuring the integrity of the game and keeping Intramural games safe and organized.


  • Intramural Sports hires sports officials year-round to referee our 8 team sports. Basketball and 7 on 7 Flag Football are the first (and biggest) sports of the fall, and most officials aspiring to work any sport should begin with these two sports. The Fall concludes with Baseball, Soccer, and Volleyball.
  • Spring sports include Softball, Floor Hockey, Dodgeball, and 4-on-4 Flag Football.

No experience is necessary, we will train officials for each sport through rules and field clinics. All that’s required is a general understanding of sports and a desire to learn.


  • Hours are flexible, as many officials work 10-15 hours per week. Intramural Sports are played each weekday after 4pm sometimes with games lasting until midnight, and on the weekends as well.
  • Officials start at $11 an hour with opportunities to advance to Intramural Supervisor roles

UCF’s Officiating Tradition

Officials from UCF’s Intramural Sports program have had tremendous success officiating at state, regional and national tournaments as well as at the college and professional ranks. Below is a list of our most significant accomplishments.

Extramural Sports

Each year, UCF officials have the opportunity to travel to regional and national tournaments in a variety of sports. The top officials each year are recognized as All-American officials, an accomplishment that is highly regarded in the field of collegiate recreation.

Year Official
2019 Detroy Farquharson
2018 Matt McGuier
2017 Jonny Grymes
2016 Dannica Mosher
2016 Robert Hussey
2015 Kelsey Jones
2014 Brandon Schwab
2013 Brandon Schwab
2012 Carson Howalt
2012 John Conley
2010 Sean Bryant
2010 Leanne Thompson
2009 Ken Totten
2008 Scott Berner
2008 Megan Carrigan
2007 Sarah Crytzer
2007 James Abarquez
2006 Vladimir Voyard-Tadal
2005 Nelson Santiago
2004 Steve Anderson
Year Official Location
2019 Nuri Troy Round Rock, TX
2019 Daniel Kandell Round Rock, TX
2019 Kyle Pianowski Round Rock, TX
2013 Brandon Schwab Pensacola, FL
2013 Tyler Laymon Pensacola, FL
2012 Brandon Schwab Orlando, FL
2011 David Weiland College Station, TX
2011 Brittney Shiller College Station, TX
2011 Andrew Barnard New Orleans, LA
2011 Alexandra Prano College Station, TX
2011 Houston Wooten College Station, TX
2010 Michael Hilton New Orleans, LA
2010 Brent Herold Tampa, FL
2010 Leanne Thompson Tampa, FL
2009 Leisha Cavallaro New Orleans, LA
2008 Leisha Cavallaro New Orleans, LA
2008 Tim Travis Tampa, FL
2008 Craig Menkes Tampa, FL
2007 Thomas Eaton Pensacola, FL
2005 Marissa Dienstag Pensacola, FL
2003 Steve Anderson New Orleans, LA
2003 Sam Mayhew New Orleans, LA
2002 Steve Anderson New Orleans, LA
2002 Chris Morello New Orleans, LA
2001 Gary Cahen New Orleans, LA


Significant Officiating Accomplishments

  • Nick Brigati - MAC Football Official
  • Vladimir Voyard-Tadal - NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, NCAA Division II National Championship Game
  • Leanne Surmin - First female Intramural Sports alum to officiate Division I NCAA Football
  • Steve Anderson - Current American Athletic Conference Football Official
    • 2016 and 2021 FIBA Olympic Basketball Official
  • Joe Judkowitz - Former Minor League Baseball Umpire

  • Brent Barnaky - current NBA
  • Ray Acosta - current NBA
  • John Conley - current NBA/WNBA
  • Dannica Mosher - current NBA/WNBA
  • Brandon Schwab - current NBA/WNBA
  • Rob Hussey - current NBA/WNBA
  • Steve Anderson
  • Vladimir Voyard-Tadal
  • Jaime Morales
  • Brandon Schwab
  • Nelson Santiago
  • Robert Hussey
  • Dannica Mosher
  • Josh Wilson
  • Brent Haskill

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