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Intramural Sports offers all Activity and Service Fee paying UCF Students (and UCF Faculty and Staff who purchase Recreation and Wellness Center Memberships) the opportunity to participate in a variety of team, dual, and individual sports. Participating is a great chance to get involved. Several divisions of play are offered for most activities to accommodate various skill levels for both recreational and competitive participation.

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Registration Deadlines Approaching
Posted on Thursday, February 12th, 2015 @ 11:58am by Matthew Dunigan

Busy schedules shouldn’t stop you from participating in our sports. With a wide array of sports our programing attempts to suit all 60,000 students at UCF. One of the options that we have include our 1 day tournaments. These events that are hosted on Saturdays and provide participants the opportunity to compete for a championship all in a days work. Thus far we have hosted four different one day tournaments this semester that include sports trivia, racquetball doubles, wiffleball and most recently team handball. Our one day tournaments usually are sports that we are testing out to see if we can make into a 3 week league or even a major sport. Some of past 1 day tournaments that have made that leap into our calendar include 3 on 3 soccer, kickball, pirate ship siege and way back in the day dodgeball. Spring semester is loaded with 1 day tournaments and as we gear up to host these tournaments the guide below may push to participating in this sometimes corky but always fun events.

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