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Intramural Sports offers all Activity and Service Fee paying UCF Students (and UCF Faculty and Staff who purchase Recreation and Wellness Center Memberships) the opportunity to participate in a variety of team, dual, and individual sports. Participating is a great chance to get involved. Several divisions of play are offered for most activities to accommodate various skill levels for both recreational and competitive participation.

News & Announcements


4on4 Flag Football Finals

Posted on 2014-04-17 @ 1:19pm

Tuesday night's championship games began with the Men’s Recreation B final where number 2 seed Colby Maynard’s Team took on 5 seed Cleveland Brownies. The Cleveland Brownies took over the first half scoring 27 points to Colby Maynard’s Team’s 0 points. Anthony Venuto of The Cleveland Brownies was unstoppable both offensively and defensively. He scored 3 touchdowns and had 2 interceptions all in the first half


Friday's Finest - Graduating Seniors

Posted on 2014-04-11 @ 12:00am

As our spring classes end, so does our programming for the semester. With this comes many final IM appearances for our participants, as well as our supervisors and officials. This week's Friday's Finest highlights our 6 Lead Supervisors and the bright futures they have awaiting their graduation from UCF this May. Three have secured IM Graduate Assistantships while the other three have accepted professional positions at a few amazing companies. Click "Read More" below for the full story!


Team Handball Champion

Posted on 2014-04-09 @ 12:00am

The Team Handball Tournament took place on April 5th from 10am until 2:30pm. This year, we partnered with Team USA’s Southeast Region Men’s Team Handball Coach Vanja Telebak. Vanja provided us with actual team handball balls and helped teams by giving them pointers and explaining the rules. During pool play, both BCM and Phi Gamma Delta proved to be strong teams to be reckoned with. BCM, comprised of a few free agents picked up that morning, went undefeated the whole tournament. Using team work and strategizing, BCM played hard but smart throughout the whole tournament. In the Championship game they played against Apollo Kings and decisively took the Open Rec Championship. Meanwhile, Phi Gamma Delta lost one game during pool play to Phi Delta Theta. Coincidentally, both teams saw each other in the semifinals; however, Phi Gamma Delta had their mind set on redemption and winning and in a very close game that went to overtime, Phi Gamma Delta beat Phi Delta Theta. Later in the Championship game, Phi Gamma Delta played against No Fly Zone. No Fly Zone put up a good fight, but Phi Gamma Delta was fired up from their last big win which made them unstoppable.


UCF's First Pickle Ball Champions

Posted on 2014-02-23 @ 12:00am

After instructing participants in the art of pickle ball the doubles tournament began this past Saturday, February 22.

Seven teams competed in a sport that most of them had never heard of let alone played. The tournament tested the ability of participants to quickly learn and be the best at a new sport.

The tournament started off with pool play games. Each team played in two pool play games, playing best 2 out of 3 to 11 points. After the rankings were in, teams were seeded into the single-elimination tournament. The championship game came down to the number 1 and 2 seeds, Classic Vlasic and Feelin' Sour. In the end Classic Vlasic won and became UCF's very first pickle ball doubles champions.

Following the doubles tournament was the singles tournament. Ten players competed for the grand title of pickle ball singles champion. Most of the participants had already competed in the doubles tournament so they were familiar with the game. Robert Cleveland and Scott Gould were the two finalists and Robert was able to out pickle Scott to become our first pickle ball singles champion.

Congrats to all winners. Hopefully you enjoyed UCF's newest tournament!


Friday's Finest - #kyleporter

Posted on 2014-02-21 @ 12:00am

Last night our best volleyball teams of the season competed for the title of 2014 Volleyball Champion. In the Competitive Division of the league, team #kyleporter defeated Phi Delta Theta in the third set of the match. Although all of our volleyball champions deserve to be recognized, special attention goes to the team #kyleporter as this week's Friday's Finest. Click "Read More" for the full story.


Soccer Champions Crowned

Posted on 2014-02-21 @ 12:00am

Valentine’s Day was a day of soccer love for our soccer champions. Six finals games were played Friday afternoon to crown champions in each division. The night started out with Women’s Recreation and Men’s Recreation A games at 4pm, followed by Men’s Recreation B and Men’s Competitive B at 5pm and our final games of the night were Men’s Competitive A and Women’s Competitive at 6pm.

Click "Read More" below to catch the highlights from each league's championship game.


Volleyball Finals

Posted on 2014-02-20 @ 12:00am

Volleyball Finals

Co Recreational
The first match of the night was a battle between the number 3 seed Ohhh Kill Em, and the number 8 seed Steady Bumpin. The first set was...


Honoring Our National Champions

Posted on 2014-02-06 @ 12:00am

The University of Central Florida has been celebrating success on the football field for over a month and the Fiesta continues Monday, February 10, 2014 at the Recreation and Wellness Center (RWC). The RWC will honor the members of team “Check On It” for bringing home the 2013 NIRSA Championship Series Women’s National Flag Football Championship.
Click "Read More" to get all of the details!