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Intramural Sports
Kickball League
Register by March 29, 2016
Inclusive Recreation: Beep Baseball
Register by February 24th
Inclusive Recreation - Wheelchair Basketball
Register by February 24
Team Handball
Register by February 16th, event date February 20th
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Intramural Sports offers all Activity and Service Fee paying UCF Students (and UCF Faculty and Staff who purchase Recreation and Wellness Center Memberships) the opportunity to participate in a variety of team, dual, and individual sports. Participating is a great chance to get involved. Several divisions of play are offered for most activities to accommodate various skill levels for both recreational and competitive participation.

Intramural Sports Free Agents
We Find YOU A Team!
Posted on Tuesday, January 26th, 2016 @ 4:27pm by Shane Land

Looking to play an Intramural Sport, but you aren’t able to form an entire team? Our Free Agent process can help you with that. Individuals can utilize free agency via the Free Agent Board on our website or by attending a Free Agent meeting prior to the registration deadline for their desired sport. The Free Agent Board allows players to describe themselves in a forum to teams in need of other players or to other free agents that are looking to organize a team. Typically, team captains will read the posts and “draft” the players they are in need of. The other method of Free Agency includes our Free Agent Meetings. Each Intramural Sport will host its own Free Agent meeting near their registration deadline. During these meetings, staff will briefly review the league and then place attending students onto teams. Free Agent meetings are a great way for students to meet potential teammates and the best way to ensure team placement. Team captains are also encouraged to attend in order to recruit players. Check out the dates below so we can assist you in finding teams and get you out on the fields/courts!

Spring 2016 Free Agent Meetings
Kickball Mon 2/29: 8-9pm Room 206

Win Order Up Credit for Winning 1 Day Tournaments
$10 for each team member
Posted on Tuesday, January 12th, 2016 @ 3:51pm by Shane Land

Great news for intramural sports participants! We are partnering with Order Up to provide $10 coupon codes for members of all winning teams for our one-day tournaments! For those of you that are not aware, Order Up is your local food delivery service. They deliver food from local restaurants and fast food chains. To see who delivers, just enter your address at and a list of local restaurants that they can deliver to your location will pop up. They also have several "deals" on the website each day. Here is a list of our one-day tournaments, the registration deadline and event day for the Spring semester.

Team Handball: 2/16, 2/20
2 on 2 Wheelchair Basketball & Beep Baseball: 2/24, 2/27
Mini Golf: 3/14, 3/18
Badminton Singles: 3/16, 3/19
Wrestling: 3/28, 3/31
Pickleball: 3/30, 4/2
4 Person Golf Scramble: 4/11, 4/15
Innertube Waterpolo: 4/13, 4/16