Climbing Tower

Housed within the RWC, the Climbing Tower offers premiere indoor climbing for students at UCF. Standing at 41 feet, the tower is comprised of over 20 top-rope routes in a wide range of difficulty levels, making it a great place for beginners as well as avid climbers. Bouldering routes are also available for those interested in climbing low to the ground.

As part of the RWC reopening 2.1 for Spring 2021, the Climbing Tower will re-open under new policies to optimize safety including a new reservation system and the following enhancements:

  • Limited hours (16 hours per week)
  • Limited capacity: 6 (number is included in overall RWC capacity limits)
  • Limited routes and ropes available each day; will rotate throughout the week
  • Increased equipment and facility sanitization


Reservations will be made through our portal at

  • Go to
  • Use your NID/NID Password to login
  • Sign and submit the Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk Waiver
    • Users only have to do this once and it is good for one year
  • Click on the menu icon in the left corner of the screen, then click the “Climbing Tower Reservations” option
  • Click on "Climbing Tower Reservations" under "New Booking"
  • Click "Book Now" for you selected date and time

To cancel your reservation:

If you need to cancel right after making your reservation: 

  • Click the three vertical dots next to your booking.
  • Click "Cancel Booking"

On the RWC Website:

  • Go to
  • Use your NID/NID Password to login
  • Click on your NID in the top right corner and click "Profile"
  • Click on "Bookings" in the left menu
  • Click "Cancel" next to the booking you would like to cancel

From your confirmation email:

  • Click the "cancel" hyperlink in your confirmation email
  • Patrons must sign up for a Climbing Tower Reservation before coming to the facility. An RWC Facility Reservation is not required if you have a Climbing Tower Reservation.
  • Reservations slots become available the day before the reservation window.
  • Patrons can reserve two consecutive time slots per day. If you want to stay longer but don't have another reservation, you must check with the staff member at the desk to see if there are any available spots.
  • Patrons must complete their COVID Self-Checker on the UCF Mobile app before coming to the Recreation and Wellness Center. Everyone is required to show it before entering the facility.
  • Patrons must present their valid UCF ID for admission to the facility.
  • Patrons may check in at Member Services up to 10 minutes before their reservation begins. If a patron does not check in 10 minutes after their reservations begins, their spot may be given away.
  • Personal climbing equipment (harness and shoes) is recommended. Gear rentals are free and climbing shoes are required to be worn while climbing (no street shoes allowed). We will not offer chalk bags for rent at this time, but will provide free liquid chalk for all patrons.

All of our rental gear and facility touch points follow the most up to date industry standards for sanitization and cleanliness. However, it is impossible to ensure the thorough sanitization of all touch points in a facility like a Climbing Tower, so we ask that all patrons regularly sanitize and wash their hands. Clean hands = clean holds!

  • Rental Shoes - After use, rental climbing shoes are sprayed with disinfectant and put back into rotation. This is the standard cleaning procedure currently in the outdoor industry and approved to kill transmission. 
  • Rental Harnesses - After a single use, harnesses are washed with a gentle cleaner and set aside to quarantine for 72 hours. Harness materials are too sensitive for harsh chemical sanitizers, so we have opted for the cleaning and quarantine method.
  • Climbing Tower and Holds - The Tower and all routes/holds are sprayed with a CDC-approved sanitizing solution at the beginning and ending of each day.
  • Ropes - All ropes and routes are rotated throughout the week to allow for 72 hours of quarantine between the days. All ropes have a plastic sheath placed on the climber's end, which allows staff to wipe down the area of the rope closest to the patron's face after each use. At this time, we only allow staff to belay to minimize touches on the belayer end.

Yes! You may use your own harness, climbing shoes, and chalk bag.

HOWEVER, you may not use your own belay device. We have several that we can provide to you, free of charge, as long as you are certified to belay at the tower. At this time, we are not allowing patrons to belay - it is staff belay only. 

FREE. UCF students may climb at the tower and rent out gear at no cost.

At this time, we not allowing patrons to belay. Only Climbing Tower staff are allowed to belay at the Climbing Tower. 

Prior to COVID-19, you would have to pass a Test Out conducted by a staff member. If you pass, then you are certified immediately and may belay. If you fail, you must take the Belay class in order to be certified.

Not so much. This climbing facility works like most others, in that there are several different routes of varying difficulty all over the tower. There is no particular difficulty grouping on any side.

Absolutely not. We have staff that are at the Tower for the purpose of belaying participants, so feel free to come in. At this time, we are not offering belay certifications due to COVID-19.


Can’t join us in-person? Learn how to climb virtually! Crash Course of Climb videos are recorded Zoom sessions to teach Knights all things rock climbing.

Check out some of our past chats here:

We will resume belay certifications when the Climbing Tower reopens. Dates to be announced in the near future.

To complete a belay certification, patrons must first complete a belay class. After demonstrating competency in safety and skills, patrons can complete a belay test.

Belaying is a technique where a rope is secured to a person as they climb up the tower. Learning the proper belay techniques allow a student to help a friend safely climb the tower.

Learning the proper belay techniques allow a student to help a friend safely climb the tower. There is no experience necessary.

If you're interested in learning more, please email Please note, we are not scheduling belay classes or certifications until the Climbing Tower reopens.

Please note, we are not currently scheduling belay certification classes. We will resume classes when the Climbing Tower reopens.

Sign up for belay certification classes at the RWC Climbing Tower front desk during normal business hours. Students can take the stairs or elevators to the first floor and go left. The desk is behind the stairs in the northeast corner of the main building. Belay certification classes are available by signing up at least 48 hours in advance, but space is limited to 6 people a session.

We will resume technique classes when the Climbing Tower reopens. Until then, consider tuning in to our to our OATS: Crash Course of Climbs above or through our YouTube channel to learn more about the sport and join our community.

A great class for any climber to build a strong foundation for their climbing. Our instructors will provide an overview of climbing terminology and methodology coupled with some climbing games and practice. The tips taught in this class are can be quick fixes to things you may have not thought about yet while climbing.

An essential skill for the boulderer, knowing how to fall properly and how to spot a climber can greatly reduce the chance of an injury. Instructors will demonstrate proper falling technique and provide the guidance and time to practice spotting other climbers. This class typically employs a few fun activities as well.

This unique class will take participants through many of the essential knots that a climber will inevitably run into. The instructors will provide a presentation detailing all knots in the class, highlighting their names, their uses, and perhaps a few alternatives. This class will also alot time for participants to use the knots in a climbing capacity.

Open to anyone (even those who missed the Beginner Techniques Class), this course focuses on the nitty gritty. Tailored to the desires of the class, instructors will demonstrate advanced climbing movements, discuss mindset whilst climbing, and go over what training and working out looks like with regards to climbing

Related Functions

Adaptive Climbing Program / Adaptive and Inclusive Recreation

The Adaptive Climbing Program has been created to assist students with different abilities to experience the joys and benefits of climbing. Our goal is to empower every participant that visits the climbing tower to reach their potential. Whether you are a complete beginner or experienced climber we gladly welcome your participation.


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