Personal Training

The RWC offers both virtual and in-person sessions for Personal Training.

About Personal Training

Personal Training is available to all students and RWC members at UCF. Sessions are 60 minutes long and the initial consultation is FREE. All of our trainers are certified by the following organizations: ACE, AFAA, NASM, NSCA, and ACSM.

Personal Training can define your fitness goals, teach you new exercises, increase muscular strength, endurance and/or flexibility, provide functional training opportunities, motivate you to achieve your goals, and equip you with tools to support your healthy lifestyle.

Virtual Personal Training

Individuals who sign up for virtual personal training will be able to take part in a free, 1 on 1 consultation with a trainer and select reduced-rate packages. Clients will have the option to pick up a free set of equipment for use in-home during sessions with their trainer. Virtual sessions will take place via an online live video platform.

In-Person Personal Training

Individuals who sign up for in-person sessions will have the option of doing an in-person assessment or virtual consultation with their trainer, with sessions then taking place at the RWC @ Knights Plaza facility, RWC Main, or the RWC @ Downtown.

Personal Training Policies

Please see all updated personal training policies prior to signing up

Sign-up for Personal Training

To get started with Personal Training, fill out the online Personal Training Registration Form (below). A Personal Trainer will contact you to schedule a session and review the various packages we offer for purchase (see chart on the right). After your initial consultation, payments can be made by phone at the RWC administration office.

Please note that there may be a short waiting list for a personal trainer to be available, and our staff will contact you shortly regarding your status.

Personal Training Registration Form

RWC Main:
Tuesdays: 12pm-3pm
Thursdays: 12pm-3pm

RWC @ Downtown:
Mondays: 12pm – 2pm
Wednesdays: 3pm – 5pm
Fridays: 12pm-2pm

The Fitness Assessment Office is available for walk-ins during open hours. Please note that body composition measurements must be taken prior to your workout.

This is also a perfect opportunity to meet a Personal Trainer and get some basic questions answered.

Click here to learn more about Open Hours. 


Meet Our Personal Trainers

Personal Training Rates

Student Rates
STUDENT In-Person Personal Training Packages: two= $40 ($20/session), 5=$80 (or $16/session), 10=$155 (or $15.50/session), 15=$230 ($15.33/session), and 20=$295 ($14.75/SESSION)

RWC Member Virtual Personal Training Packages: two sesssions= $50 ($25/sessions), five sessions=$120 ($24/sesssion), ten sessions= $230 ($23/session), 15 sessions= $300 ($20/sessions), 20 sessions= $375 ($18.75/sessions)


RWC Member Rates

RWC Member In-Person Personal Training Packages: two sessions=$60 ($30/session), five sessions= $140 ($28/session), ten sessions=$270 ($27/session), 15 sessions= $360 ($24/session ), 20 sessions= $440 ($22/session)

RWC Member Virtual Personal Training Packages: two sesssions= $50 ($25/sessions), five sessions=$120 ($24/sesssion), ten sessions= $230 ($23/session), 15 sessions= $300 ($20/sessions), 20 sessions= $375 ($18.75/sessions)