Fitness Assessments & Body Composition

Fitness Assessments

One of our Certified Personal Trainers will conduct a complete assessment of your baseline measurements to determine your current fitness level and provide recommendations for improving your health status.

Assessment Locations

Location 1: RWC Main – Fitness Assessment Office

  • The Fitness Assessment office is located on the first floor of the RWC, adjacent to Basketball Court #1.

Location 2: RWC @ Downtown – Fitness Assessment Office, Room 264

  • The RWC @ Downtown assessment office is located just past the member services desk on the left side of the facility.

Body Composition

Our Fitness Assessment Office is home to our Fit3D ProScanner technology and state of the art fitness assessment tools. The Fit3D scan is used to gather information on body composition, comparing the amount of lean body mass versus the amount of fat body mass. All measurements are compared to ACSM recommended measurements, and our Personal Trainers will provide general guidance for how to manage body composition per individual results.

Our Fit3D ProScanner is currently out of service. Fitness leadership is working on getting this restored and thank you for your patience. Our Personal Training team is trained to complete Fitness Assessments without this service so please feel free to visit our Open Hours!


Our Fitness Assessment Open Hours are available during the week for walk-in Fitness Assessments and Body Composition Scans, at our Fitness Assessment locations. Hours of operations can be found here.

Below is a list of services offered during Open Hours:
• Fitness Assessments (Basic and Athletic)
• Body Composition analysis using Fit3D ProScanner or Accuniq Scanner
• Question + Answers with a Personal Trainer
• Weight Floor Orientation, a time to ask questions about equipment in our

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Open Hours


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