Challenge Course Facilitator

Primary Function

Facilitate and lead groups through initiatives, low and high elements at the Challenge Course. Provide a positive and quality program experience through a series of activities involving problem‐solving, group decision making, leadership, teambuilding and risk taking to achieve desired outcomes such as individual and group responsibility, self‐discovery, communication and collaboration.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Responsible for physical and emotional safety of participants.
  • Committed to RWC and Challenge Course mission.
  • Committed to plan and deliver a quality progression of activities to participants.
  • Process group experiences to advance group towards desired outcomes.
  • Understand and execute emergency procedures when necessary.
  • Maintain OA program and RWC professionalism standards in appearance and attitude.
  • Continue to increase in knowledge and competency as an OA employee.
  • Perform maintenance routine to low and high elements.
  • Maintain active communication with Leads in regards to schedule changes and unavailability.
  • Remember that you influence the students’ experience as well as yours.


  • Must be comfortable at height of up to 30 feet and able to lift and carry a minimum of 35 pounds.
  • Attend a 40-hour Challenge Course facilitator training at UCF (6 days).
  • Strong desire to help participants and colleagues seek and learn from a variety of challenges.
  • Be understanding and sensitive to working with diverse populations.
  • Maintain positive energy and attitude.
  • Possess effective communication and customer service skills.
  • Be able to work weekends and week day programs.
  • Attend to all mandatory trainings and in-services during the year.
  • Be comfortable with stretching out of your comfort zone.
  • Must obtain CPR, AED, and First Aid certification within 30 days of hire.

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