The William E. and Mary Jo Davis Recreation Area at Lake Claire

In Phase 2.1 of our reopening plan, the RWC will make available several outdoor recreation facilities as well as the continuation of our RWC+ virtual program offerings.

The William E. and Mary Jo Davis Recreation Area at Lake Claire, located at the end of Greek Park Drive, offers an adventure for all types. Lake Claire is the only natural body of water on campus and has a maximum depth of 12 feet.  In Phase 2.1 of reopening, enrolled UCF students will be able to enjoy limited watercraft rentals, Energi fitness stations, the playing grass field, and the hiking trials.

In future phases of reopening students will have access to our three pavilions, two sand volleyball courts, soccer goals, and sports equipment rentals.

  • Facilities available
    • Energi Fitness Stations 
    • Playing Field 
    • Boathouse and limited watercraft rental 
    • Restrooms 
    • RSO reservations for Pavilions (reviewed on a case-by-case basis and approved when safety measures are in line with University policies)
  • Facilities / services unavailable 
    • Sand Volleyball Courts 
    • Tandem Watercraft 
    • Picnic Pavilions and grills 
    • Pavilion and green space reservations for groups and camps external to UCF 
    • Sports equipment check-out 
    • Water fountains 
  • Please review our adjusted Policies at William E. and Mary Jo Davis Recreation Area at Lake Claire before using our facility.

Adaptive Kayaking
The UCF Recreation and Wellness Center is one of the nation’s leading campus recreation departments for creating space for students of all abilities to play, work out and compete against each other. The Lake Claire Recreation Area has its own adaptive kayak and an accessible dock. Our staff is trained and excited to help get as many students on the water and they love to share their passion for paddlesports.

Picture of Lake Claire at UCF showing boat dock, beach and palm trees.

Student carrying a paddleboard at Lake Claire

Students using the lake with paddleboards at Lake Claire.

No reservations at this time

Lake Claire boat dock with kayak in the foreground.

Lake Claire Hours

Phone Spring 2021 Hours
Mon – Fri: 12pm – 6pm
Sat & Sun: 10am – 6pm

Martin Luther King Day
Monday, January 18, 2021
Phone (407) 823-2408
Fax 407-823-5446

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Yes. You are allowed bring your own sports equipment as long as it is in compliance with Lake Claire policies. Shared equipment with others you are playing with should only be done with individuals you arrived with, such as roommates or individuals who you have been isolating with. Users are encouraged to use hand sanitizer, wash hands frequently and avoid touching their face. We will not rent sports equipment at this time.  

Anyone can go to Lake Claire but you must be a UCF student to rent any sort of equipment. At this time there are no watercraft rentals to Non UCF students.

Out of an abundance of caution and to allow the RWC to continue to offer this outdoor space for users to get exercise outside, limiting groups for outdoor sports play decreases the number of other students you can come in contact with. These capacity limits have been approved by UCF’s public health experts. 

No. These are prohibited per our Lake Claire policies. 

Single watercraft promote physical distancing among patrons and provide a safer working environment for our staff regarding COVID-19 precautions. Canoes and tandem kayaks are more difficult to move, clean, and properly disinfect due to their size, and we aim to keep our staff as safe as possible. Likewise, it is more challenging to assist a patron who fallout/flips a canoe or tandem kayak while maintaining effective physical distancing 

Due to limited capacity, only current UCF students will be allowed to utilize watercraft. 

Yes. You must show the Lake Claire Attendant your valid UCF student ID before you will be allowed to rent a watercraft. You will also need to complete the RWC waiver and Lake Claire policy form before renting a watercraft.  

There are lockers located in the boathouse that you can utilize while on the water. The lockers will be sanitized by Lake Claire Attendants periodically throughout the day. Users are encouraged to use hand sanitizer, wash hands frequently and avoid touching their face. 

Due to CDC recommendations on the risks with shared water fountains, they will not be available. Please bring your own water or beverage in a sealed container. 

We will not offer pavilion or green space reservations to outside groups at this time. RSO reservations for Lake Claire Pavilions will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and approved when safety measures are in line with University policies.

As we move into future phases of reopening we will reserve our three pavilions, sand volleyball court, and equipment that are available through our reservation office. Equipment rentals include sound systems, yard games, and sports balls.


We have single kayaks, and paddleboards for rent at this time.  We are not renting tandem kayaks, canoes, or sports equipment at this time. 

It is free! Students are able to enjoy free rentals at Lake Claire. All you need is to have an active student ID to rent something out.

Participants are not allowed to swim in the water at Lake Claire.

Under no circumstance can a minor go onto the lake.

Fishing is prohibited on any lake at UCF.

Lake Claire will not rent out any equipment if it is thundering or lightening.  Guests are suggested to find shelter, but it is not mandatory. The structures are not lightening safe.

There is no access to the pavilions or reservations for pavilions in phase 1 of reopening.

In future phases of reopening we will reserve pavilions again on a first come first serve basis if someone has not reserved it already. If you are in a pavilion that is reserved by another group, you will be kindly asked to move to a different pavilion.

Pets are not allowed at Lake Claire. However, service animals are permitted.

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