Outdoor Basketball Court Lights Out of Order

The Outdoor Basketball Courts lights are not working at this time. We are in the process of fixing the problem and will alert you when they are on and outdoor basketball play at night can resume. Sorry for the inconvenience. ~RWC Staff

The William E. and Mary Jo Davis Recreation Area at Lake Claire

The William E. and Mary Jo Davis Recreation Area at Lake Claire, located at the end of Greek Park Drive, offers an adventure for all types. Lake Claire is one of the most scenic social areas on campus and features recreation for multiple outdoor events including:

  • Three cooking pavilions with picnic seating
  • Sand Volleyball courts
  • Energy Fitness Stations
  • Walking trail around the lake
  • Boat House for rental equipment (kayaks, paddleboards, and canoes; for UCF students with a valid ID)

During boathouse hours, students may rent a variety of equipment FREE of charge to enjoy out on the water or in the recreational area. No equipment will be rented during UCF Football games.

For a list of policies and procedures for Lake Claire click here.

Lake Claire release of Liability Form

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