Men’s Volleyball Shines in an Action-Packed Weekend for Sport Clubs

Posted Tuesday, February 18, 2020 @ 4:59 PM

Author: Guilherme Hiray Leal

The Men’s Volleyball Club at UCF was crowned champion of the 20th Annual Hoosier Illini Classic in Indiana this past weekend.

Competing in a two-day tournament against 19 universities from across the nation, they were the furthest traveling team going nearly 1000 miles to compete. It shows that no matter where we go, our Sport Clubs will always go the distance for the gold and distinguish themselves as champions.

“It made us feel like outcasts,” said Nicholas Harris, president of the Men’s Volleyball Club at UCF, “but it gave us something to fight for and showed that we are a team to be feared.”

Despite multiple challenges throughout the weekend, the team still dominated, said Lauren Phillips, president of the Sport Club Council. They played for each other, not for themselves, always holding each other accountable, and keeping a high spirit.

“Hype,” she said, “everyone was happy, pumped, excited, and cheering each other on.”

Men’s Volleyball was one of the 18 Sport Clubs that traveled this weekend to a total of 17 different locations across seven states.

“These are the types of stories that people don’t hear on campus about our clubs,” said Andrea Snead, assistant director of Sport Clubs, Inclusive Recreation, and Risk Management, “how far they’re traveling just to compete in the sport that they love.”

The growth of the program is becoming more and more apparent. There were more clubs traveling and competing in one weekend than active clubs in 2003 when the Sport Club Council was founded, and they are showing no signs of slowing down.

“This is why we do it,” said Snead, “to make sure students are able to represent not just themselves but represent UCF.”

Men’s Volleyball Champions