Adaptive & Unified Sports

Through our intramural sports, sport club and outdoor adventure programs, we offer several different events throughout the year for all students of all abilities.

Please view the events calendar for information on upcoming events and fill out the form below to get involved.

Get involved with Adaptive Sports program

  • Adaptive Climbing
    • Scale the Climbing tower at the RWC with our haul system, which uses the upper body to experience the feeling of elevation.
  • Adaptive & Inclusive Sport Club
    • A registered student organization that provides opportunities to join competitive team sports such as Wheelchair Basketball and Tennis
  • Sitting Volleyball
    • Similar to traditional volleyball except players sit on the ground, with a lower net and smaller court
  • Goal Ball
    • A team sport developed for blind or visually impaired players, in which a ball containing bells which make a sound when in motion is thrown at a goal at the opposing team’s end of the court.
  • Wheelchair Basketball
    • Similar to traditional basketball except players sit in wheelchairs with some other minor modified rules
  • Beep Baseball
    • Beep baseball is the classic American pastime adapted for the blind and visually impaired. The ball used contains a beeping device that is loud enough to aid in sightless location with other minor modified rules.