Adaptive Paddling at Lake Claire

Our lake features an adaptive kayak launch on our ADA compliant dock developed by Board Safe that provides access to the water for those with disabilities or mobility limitations.

We also house equipment developed by Creating Ability in our boathouse to ensure comfort, safety, and usability of our boats for all of our patrons. This equipment includes a kayak with a padded and stabilizing seat; stabilizing outriggers; lightweight paddles; assistive grip devices; paddle pivot; and various cushioning and positioning equipment.

Our lake attendants will be able to show and assist you with any of this equipment.

  • Allows for one-arm control of the kayak or provides support to completely remove the weight of the paddle from the paddler’s arms
  • Padded seat for added comfort and support. Each support point of the seat is able to be independently tilted, adjusted or removed to create a custom fit.
  • Stabilizing outriggers for added stability on the water. The outriggers can be adjusted to two positions; either tight to the hull for maximum efficiency, or out from the hull for maximum stability. They are also easily removable, all with the push of a button.
  • Provides for skin safety and effective paddling. We have equipment for seat cushioning, leg/knee protection and positioning, and heel/foot protection and positioning
  • This fits over the back of the hand for use by those who may need a bit more support in gripping the paddle
  •  Lightweight paddles are very rigid, which offer more efficient paddling performance. Your body will also perform better in general because you'll be less fatigued.

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