Outdoor Basketball Court Lights Out of Order

The Outdoor Basketball Courts lights are not working at this time. We are in the process of fixing the problem and will alert you when they are on and outdoor basketball play at night can resume. Sorry for the inconvenience. ~RWC Staff

Risk Management

Risk management is the general safety provisions for the Recreation and Wellness Center. Our athletic trainers are most directly responsible for all phases of healthcare in an athletic environment, including preventing injuries from occurring, providing initial first aid and injury management, evaluating injuries, and designing and supervising a timely effective program of rehabilitation that can facilitate the safe and expeditious return of an athlete to activity.

In addition to providing athletic trainers, all front-line Recreation and Wellness Center staff are certified in First Aid, CPR and AED by the American Red Cross. As a service to the community, The Recreation and Wellness Center offers fee-based CPR and First Aid classes to all students. The Recreation and Wellness Center also has 13 AED’s located in our facilities throughout campus to assist staff in emergency situations. Along with our emergency action plans and year-round training opportunities, the RWC is committed to your safety

Athletic Training

Athletic Training is the prevention, evaluation, treatment, management and rehabilitation of athletic related injuries and illnesses by an AMA (American Medical Association) certified health care professional. The Recreation and Wellness Center offers free athletic training to students.

RWC CPR Course

First Aid & CPR Certification

Ready to join our team? Sports officiating is a great way to get involved and work in a flexibile, rewarding job on-campus! The UCF Intramural Sports program has a proud tradition of officials who have gone on to officiate high school, college and professional sports. Interested? Visit our officiating page to learn more.

Thor guard logo


The RWC has installed a lightning prediction system called Thor Guard. The system, when lightning is predicted, activates a series of horns and strobe lights to warn those working outside to seek shelter immediately.